Tennis Coaching


  • Private Lessons – 30/45/60 Minutes with Wayne personally.
  • Children 4 to 6 years (Max 4 children) 30 minutes during School Terms
  • Children 6 to 14 years (Max 6 children) 45 minutes during School Terms (Weekend Competition is an add-on option and offered in School Terms)
  • Junior Groups 3 Month Quarter (includes School Holidays) (Max 6) (1 Hour) (Includes Weekend School Holidays Competition and the TM Ladder) NB This Group is held virtually all year except for 2 weeks in each of December and January.


  • Private Lessons – 30/45/60 Minutes with Wayne personally.
  • Adult Groups – up to 4 players
  • Adult Groups – up to 8 players and Including Individual Videos


Accelerate the Learning Experience

WITH Comp and THE TENNIS Ladder

The Tennis Ladder is a singles Challenge Ladder.

  • There is a Male and a Female Ladder.
  • Each contains Adults and Juniors in 16 14 and 12 and under age Groups.
  • Players can challenge in their own age group exclusively or choose to challenge outside their own age group.
  • This means that a Junior who may be #1 in the 14 age group may also be #15 in the group above (The 16 age group). This allows much more competition which equals IMPROVEMENT (and fun).

New Online Tennis Coaching You send us a video of yourself – We analyse it and suggest improvements.

A Completely Personalised Approach

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