Online Coaching

Online Tennis Coaching

Anything you can teach, you can teach Online! To our knowledge Wayne is the only Coach actually teaching online One on One……including the US and Great Britain!

The Concept

Please Watch the Video – Just to understand the concept – then email to request a video email with Olive’s improved serve some months later or Request the Video below……you will be surprised!

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Benefits and Advantages of ONLINE COACHING

01 Keep Records
Ability to keep a record of everything concerning your personal coaching lessons.

02 Proceed at your own pace
Proceed at your own pace – not all aspects/shot technique are learned/mastered at the same pace so take breaks and pick up where you left off – ready and refreshed!

How it works

You begin by sending one 10 second personal video of you executing an agreed upon stroke/shot. We will analyse it in detail and then send you visual information in an easily explained and detailed manner as to what has to be changed as a commencement priority. We will provide you with a model of the shot to study.

When you recognize you have made progress we ask you to have yourself videoed again and send the videoed “improvement” for evaluation. Here, we may likely ask you to send further videos of the shot/stroke we are all working on (following comments we have made on your last video to us), until you see and experience improvement and we concur. We will also, from time to time, send improvement shots, comparing them to the original you began with. This is very motivating, not to mention intrinsically pleasing. You are well “on your way”.

Please understand and do NOT make the mistake that Online Tennis Coaching is just a matter of getting information and ‘working’ on it. Tennis Mason is with you all the time with decades of coaching experience, knowing what works and when to change methods that may not be working for you. We are personally committed to your best efforts. We truly have a stake in you – our reputation!

We suggest you hit a minimum of 3 times per week for best results. This is why we suggest you ‘proceed at your own pace’ and why the coaching packages are 3 months in length. If you can commit to sending a 10sec video to us every 2 weeks (do not forget, you must be hitting), and your result videos show even gradual improvement, your shots will continue to improve and you will be well aware of it.

Some shots will be corrected quickly but I can assure you that many will require more time so remember you have 3 months, plenty of time. If you break a leg, get the flu or have a hip replacement, we all know there is a time factor (for healing) involved! It is the same for having flaws removed in your technique! We believe in the simplicity of doing the job correctly! You will get results with patience, understanding and your personal application. We know we have priced this service very economically at $150 for 3 months (the price of two 1 hour private lessons from a competent professional) and welcome all comments.

Please accept that changing technique is not as simple as getting the correct information (as opposed to the wrong information), simply making the change and moving on to the next ‘problem’! You may laugh but many do not understand the process of first, learning what the problem is, and then securely forming the new habit. (which is why we include the next ‘Benefit’ which follows.)

Extremely Important

3 Months of bi-weekly support instruction. Information, often unique to Tennis Mason on the very latest and extremely positive teaching and learning techniques! This will support and help you understand your actual personal video analysis.

This service approaches online tennis education as a personal and caring service. All video analysis is of you individually and NOT a generic model – email us on anything not quite understood.

The key is the interaction of short, maximum 10 second videos of you which you submit. They are interpreted and returned with full technical analysis by Wayne Mason. You then work with that knowledge. You will have been given direction on how to make the correct changes to your technique. This information is relayed via email (sometimes VIDEO email) for you to work on – questions are answered via emails until you have made progress. Some technical shots take longer than others to master as already stated. This is quite normal. Your individual progress is monitored via requested short videos of the shot in question – just to be certain you are making progress!

Input from Audio emails you can listen to on your smart phone or computer! Video emails also to explain numerous concepts both enhances your ability to UNDERSTAND the knowledge you are gaining. (e.g. Can you explain the difference between ‘knowledge’ and ‘understanding’?) These insights, learned first-hand from many years of teaching tennis are in themselves invaluable.

We are growing resources which will be available to all “Onliners” – by compiling yours and other people’s technical questions (with your permission). With questions, answers and solutions we all learn! Looking at others WILL help you and your journey will help others! All this content grows over time on our Tennis Mason website, now established. We are now working on placing initial content and it will be fully functioning by Friday 31st March 2017.

Videos of some of the best players in the world will be available on our YouTube page for you to study, as they are with others, furthering everyone’s personal understanding and growth.

Add to all this our Video emails with relevant short authoritative articles to help you understand and stimulate and sharpen your learning skills.

In SUMMARY – All the above, delivered for 3 months (all tailored specifically just for YOU by someone who has studied and played tennis over a lifetime). Tennis Mason’s Online Coaching is comfortable because you proceed at your own pace. It is a positive experience because you do move at your own pace and you have the added ability of being able to measure and actually see your own progress ! Personal – Cost Effective – Measurable – Ability to keep all your Videos and Lessons.