Tennis Mason Tennis Ladder

The TM Tennis Ladder is a singles Challenge Ladder and includes both adults and juniors who may challenge others in both their own age group and above. Optional Adult Male versus Female challenges are included though Adults will have to accept qualified challenges from all juniors…within the rules. (See Below)

Wayne had a VERY popular Tennis Ladder when at BBC (Brisbane Boys College). It had over 190 participants! The TM Ladder begins, October 2017 and all are welcome.
Groups consist of Adults and Juniors in 16 14 and 12 and under age Groups, both male and female. Players can challenge in their own age group exclusively or choose to challenge outside their own age group. This means that a Junior who may be #1 in the 14 age group may also be #15 in the group above (The 16 age group). This allows much more competition which equals IMPROVEMENT (and fun).

To View the Tennis Ladder where we had 196 participants in 2001 Click Here 

Each + represents 5 Matches completed – Each * 1 Match (representing 100 plus) The Tennis Ladder was VERY popular. This application provided plenty of match play – vital to personal growth! It was also a lot of fun!

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Participation Rules and Conditions : being finalized now. Time enough for your comments and suggestions please!